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General Practice Expert Witness

What is a GP Expert Witness?

GP expert witnesses are general practitioners typically with over 10 year’s experience in their chosen medical fields. This allows them to give reliable and informed independent opinions about individual cases.

As qualified medical doctors, they have to provide medical care for people of all ages within the practise area. Because of this, they are frequently called upon by solicitors for expert advice. As a medical expert, their opinion is highly respected and can be the deciding factor in a case. The expert witness can carry out additional examinations on patients and determine if the original course of action was the correct one or missed diagnosis.

A court or tribunal may need an impartial expert witness when assisting them in making a decision within a case. So an experienced general practitioner can provide this as an additional service often in the cases of clinical negligence.

With a GP expert witness, their report is often undismissible to a case given the fact it can offer further substantial evidence and additional guidance and advice.

Why Choose GPexpertwitness.co.uk?

Our lead expert witness Dr Starr is a registered NHS general practitioner in Hertfordshire, a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, and a full member of the Expert Witness Institute.

He has been a full-time GP since 2009, and his NHS work covers general practice in a surgery, urgent care centres, and out of hours. He also works as a GP expert witness providing his medical opinion in GP clinical negligence cases across the UK.

He writes approximately one medico-legal report a week in the field of clinical negligence. He produces timely, concise, cost-effective reports that are written in plain English. Every report has a glossary of any medical terms used. Dr Starr receives regular instructions from the same solicitors and counts many law firms and medico-legal agencies amongst his clients. Several have agreed to act as references: please feel free to ask Dr Starr for their details before instructing him.

We are always happy to discuss a case before formal instruction to ascertain if we are the best GP expert witness to write the report. After reading the relevant records, we are then in a position to give an accurate quotation for fees. Occasionally solicitors will provide us with a very brief synopsis of events and ask us for an opinion on the likelihood of a successful case: We are happy to give an informal opinion, free of charge, via email or telephone in these cases.

Our current turn-around time is around two weeks. After providing you with an expert written report we are happy to answer any queries for no extra charge. We will also follow up the case with the solicitor after six months to ascertain the outcome.

Our lead expert witness Dr Starr, creates formal reports which comply with part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules and part 35 Practice Direction. He is listed on JS Pubs (vetted), the AvMA, and APIL databases and is a full member of the Expert Witness Institute.

Our medico-legal practice is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (reference ZA240249) and complies with responsibilities under the Data Protection Act. We are currently trading as 15 Medical Ltd (company number 7825166). As an active GP and expert in clinical negligence, Dr Starr is ideally suited to provide an up to date opinion and advice in GP Clinical Negligence cases.

What others say about us

Several solicitors have agreed to act as references for Dr Starr.  Please feel free to contact him for their details before instructing him

Thank you very much for your replies, it is much appreciated. We do have lots of cases to investigate and I appreciate your input.

Thank you very much indeed for this helpful analysis. I share your concerns about the case and I this will assist me enormously in explaining the challenges of taking a case forward to the client.

Many thanks Dr Starr, whilst unsupportive, your report is very clear and well-structured and so I hope to instruct you in further matters in the near future.

Thank you very much for providing your report so quickly. I am also instructing an Oncologist so will be putting your observation regarding the raised ALP to them. I thought your report was very well laid out. Including a Glossary is appreciated – I know that that will assist my Clients. I will certainly instruct you in the future!

Many thanks for your report in the above matter which I’ve reviewed and with which I’m very happy.

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